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By the way, this is the website of the 1st edition of SFHMMY, that we organized back in 2007: At that time we were quite proud of our simple website. But it's amazing how future generations have improved it in every way possible.

The Global Grid

Similar ideas and concepts about a global electricity network have existed in the past, but this was the first in-depth analysis showing that such a concept can be technically feasible and potentially economically competitive. The Global Grid has received considerable media attention. Excited to learn more? Check out Damien's TEDx talk and this presentation. Here is also a follow-up analysis based on real electricity market data.

Related to the Global Grid

Zhenya Liu, the Chairman of the China State Grid Corporation, also talked about a Global Grid. CSGC is one of the largest transmission operators in the world serving 128 million customers.

The World Trade Institute in Bern organized a two-day international conference in 2014 about the regulatory challenges of long-distance electricity trade in a global grid environment, where I was invited as a speaker. The proceedings will be published by Cambridge University Press.

Many ask how the Global Grid ideas combine with (my) parallel research on distribution grids and microgrids. As researchers, I believe we need to push the boundaries for innovation in every possible direction. My personal view is that the future of our electricity system could be large Supergrids serving as backbones (and why not eventually interconnect them to a Global Grid?) where several smaller grid entities such as microgrids connect. In this way, we can harvest cheap renewable potential from remote locations and have a high degree of controllability at the distribution level.

Kythnos 2008 Symposium on Microgrids, Greece

Pictures courtesy of Chris Marnay. For more infos on that Symposium click here.

Kythnos Microgrid at Gaidouromandra

Yes, that's me, in 2008.

About my Name

I have a... slightly difficult last name. Yes, I know it, I always did. To the many who tried, I have to admit that only a handful of non-Greeks managed to pronounce it correctly... I'm really sorry guys! On the other hand, my name has always been an excellent ice-breaker! So, here is a bit of help. First, it is admittedly an unfortunate Greek-Latin transliteration. In English, my name phonetically is much closer to "Hatzivasiliadis". Okay, that's still long. But it's a compound. Split it: Hatzi--vasili--adis. And now try it! Maybe once more? ;-)

And now comes the bonus part. Although I go by Spyros, my official first name is Spyridon. If you know about Greek names, you probably know most Greeks have a different everyday name from their official name. Everybody calls me Spyros. But in everything official I am listed as Spyridon. That's still me. ;-)

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